2009-06-03 - [view: 3835]
MinFin has sights on $20b Islamic Investment Bank

MinFin Advisory is working with a large Islamic Investment Bank to secure equity and offtake positions in Australian iron ore, coal and bauxite assets as part of an integrated steel operation.Mining Project CriteriaProposed fund size: US$ 250-400m...
2009-06-03 - [view: 3540]
5 steps to successful recession investing

Knowing we're in for a recession is one thing. Choosing which stocks to buy is another. This 5-step checklist will help you sort through the potential opportunities.Value investors don't change their spots just because a recession is on the way. It's...

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Corporate Restructuring

Corporate strategies should be motivated by the desire to enhance shareholder or enterprise value. However, market economics and competitive forces are constantly shifting, eroding management's ability to consistently create value. Constant re-evaluation of corporate strategies and operations is vital in determining whether value is being created or destroyed.

Corporate restructuring refers to the collection of actions taken by a firm or business unit which involves changes to its operational efficiency, its asset/business portfolio and its capital and ownership structure. 

At MinFin Advisory, we work with clients to strategically review their operational performance, asset structure and financing mix to maximise the return on capital employed and enterprise value creation. We realise the key to any successful restructuring is in implementation. We understand this challenge and the importance of "hands on" support to our clients.  

Our services include:
  • Assessment of company/business unit performance and strategic positioning.
  • Advice on changing the configuration of assets and liabilities within a given line of business.
  • Advice on changing ownership structure.
  • Implementation of restructuring strategies.   

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