2009-06-03 - [view: 3835]
MinFin has sights on $20b Islamic Investment Bank

MinFin Advisory is working with a large Islamic Investment Bank to secure equity and offtake positions in Australian iron ore, coal and bauxite assets as part of an integrated steel operation.Mining Project CriteriaProposed fund size: US$ 250-400m...
2009-06-03 - [view: 3540]
5 steps to successful recession investing

Knowing we're in for a recession is one thing. Choosing which stocks to buy is another. This 5-step checklist will help you sort through the potential opportunities.Value investors don't change their spots just because a recession is on the way. It's...

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Capital Raising & Refinancing

Mid-market companies regularly need additional capital. This capital is often required to fund:
  • Organic growth;
  • New operating strategies;
  • Vertical or horizontal acquisitions;
  • The refinancing of existing debt; and
  • Recapitalisations which provide partial liquidity to existing owners.
Sound financial strategies create or enhance enterprise value. The optimal mix and structure of debt and equity will minimise the cost of capital, thereby increasing the likelihood of achieving the greatest economic profit. We design financial strategies that maximise the potential to create wealth for our clients. Private companies and owners too often constrain growth potential because they are unwilling to meet the rigid requirements of senior debt financing or the high cost and dilution impact of new equity capital. However, it is possible to design financial strategies which meet the needs of existing owners but also allow the pursuit of growth orientated operating plans.   MinFin Advisory consults with mid-market private and public companies on raising new debt and equity financing from institutional and private investors in both the private and public capital markets. We assist clients in the following ways:
  • Determining their optimal capital structure;
  • Advising alternative sources of capital, expected interest costs, investor returns, terms and conditions and their implications for existing owners;
  • Selecting an appropriate financing package which will involve an appropriate combination of the following:
    • Senior debt;
    • Subordinated or mezzanine debt;
    • Leasing and hire purchase facilities;
    • Preferred equity; and
    • Ordinary equity.
  • Preparing an information memorandum for the providers of debt and/or equity capital;
  • Evaluating, negotiating and executing the selected debt and equity proposals from institutions and private investors;
  • Managing IPO's and other public capital raisings on behalf of business owners covering guidance on float structure, preparation of prospectuses, selection of underwriters, legal and accounting advisors.

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