2009-06-03 - [view: 3835]
MinFin has sights on $20b Islamic Investment Bank

MinFin Advisory is working with a large Islamic Investment Bank to secure equity and offtake positions in Australian iron ore, coal and bauxite assets as part of an integrated steel operation.Mining Project CriteriaProposed fund size: US$ 250-400m...
2009-06-03 - [view: 3540]
5 steps to successful recession investing

Knowing we're in for a recession is one thing. Choosing which stocks to buy is another. This 5-step checklist will help you sort through the potential opportunities.Value investors don't change their spots just because a recession is on the way. It's...

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Mergers & Acquisitions

Many mid-market companies are accelerating their growth through mergers and acquisitions. An acquisition can offer a company an excellent opportunity to expand its operations either vertically or horizontally.

 Successful acquisitions are the result of well conceived corporate strategy. Where possible, our M&A advisory roles extend from involvement in the development of corporate strategy to its execution.

To identify acquisition candidates, it is important to undertake an extensive search based on our client's strategic, operational and financial criteria. Once identified, the target candidate's business, competitive position and future prospects should be analysed. Whenever possible, determination of the value of the target to its current owners as well as our clients should be established. Value to the client will be based on the proposed strategy for managing the business and any synergetic benefits that might be realised.

There is far more to conducting an acquisition than combining two sets of financial statements, reducing operating costs and forecasting earnings and cashflow on a proforma basis. Other factors to be considered include:
  • The role of the seller and the buyer in the newly formed company;
  • The effect that the acquisition will have on existing customer and supplier relations;
  • The results of merging two corporate cultures which may be radically different from one another; and
  • Determining the fair and accurate value of the target company, as well as the structure of the transaction and how it will be financed.
Minfin Advisory provides practical transaction management throughout the M&A process including:
  • Determining strategic options;
  • Establishing realistic objectives and acquisition criteria;
  • Identifying and analysing potential targets;
  • Conducting shareholder value analysis;
  • Advising on structuring and pricing the transaction;
  • Raising acquisition finance;
  • Managing the process for achieving shareholder, and where necessary, regulatory approval;
  • Managing the due diligence process;
  • Negotiating and closing the transaction; and
  • Assisting with post acquisition integration and restructuring.

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